Ideas for Sending the Perfect Care Package

Before you start putting together a care package for your loved ones, make sure you read these four care package ideas to create the perfect care package for any occasion.

The College Care Package

Want to send your college kids something to let them know that you’re thinking about them and give them the perfect way to destress? A care package is a great way to go. Food is always a good thing to send college students, especially when they’re short on cash and may be getting sick of eating the same dining hall food every day. Savory and sweet snacks are perfect to send, especially if it’s something homemade. Just keep in mind, you might not want to send them too much sugar or they’ll be bouncing off the walls when they’re trying to write an essay. You can also send them practical items as well like laundry detergent, but be sure you send them some fun things along with it!

  • Savory snacks (chips, popcorn, nuts, pretzels, etc.)
  • Sweet snacks (homemade baked goods, their favorite candies, etc.)
  • Toiletries/cleaning supplies/school supplies (they’ll be the least excited about this part, but if they really need it, they’ll use it)


The Sentimental Care Package

This care package is perfect for anyone feeling a bit homesick or in need of some familiarity. You can send them personalized gifts for things you know they love like their favorite snack or their favorite DVD. You also can send them small trinkets of things that would make them smile. You might even want to do something that’s a bit old-fashioned but heartfelt, which is to write them a nice handwritten letter. Sometimes, the simplest things like a handwritten letter or a photograph can have a big impact on someone.

  • Personalized gifts (things you know they love like certain snacks or movies)
  • Things to remind them of home (family photos, a dried flower from the backyard)
  • Handwritten notes or drawings


The Holiday Care Package

A holiday care package is the perfect thing to send to someone who loves getting into the holiday or seasonal spirit. You can send them whatever decorations or treats correspond to a particular holiday or season to make them feel a bit more festive. In regards to treats, remember that homemade is always the best, especially if it’s a recipe that your family makes on an annual basis. The things that will really make someone feel festive is anything that appeals to the senses like a pumpkin spice candle for Halloween or gingerbread cookies for Christmas.

  • Holiday/seasonal decorations (fairy lights, mini Christmas tree, wreaths, etc.)
  • Holiday/seasonal treats (pumpkin bread, candy canes, etc.)
  • Things like scented candles and oils are perfect to get into the new season

The Feel-Better Care Package

Of course, this care package is the least fun to send someone, but if they’re not feeling well, it’ll make a huge difference to them. Although some of these things may seem obvious, you wouldn’t want to forget any of these essentials when someone isn’t feeling their best. Pack things like tissues, medicine, different kinds of hot tea (especially something with honey, ginger, or lemon to boost their immune system), cough drops, and hand sanitizer. Also, if you’re thinking of packing any kind of food, remember to stick to healthy foods (especially anything with vitamin C) and mild foods that won’t upset their stomach.

  • Tissues (in boxes and pocket-sized packages)
  • Medicine
  • Herbal tea
  • Cough drops
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Healthy snacks