You’ve selected the scary finger-foods, picked out the games and sent the invitations. Now it’s time to transform your home into a haunting experience! Using a few rolls of Duck Tape®, you can create decorations that are sure to give your guests a fright. 

1. Duck Tape Jack-O-Lantern 

If you don’t have time to carve your pumpkin, or if you don’t want the mess, simply cut a pair of eyes, a nose and a mouth out of Duck Tape® and stick them on your pumpkin to make a knife-free Jack-O-Lantern. With different cutouts, you can even change the face or expression on your pumpkin each day. 

Using duct tape is also a good way to test your design before you actually cut it into the pumpkin. 

2. DIY Tombstones 

Turn your front yard into a haunted graveyard with easy-to-make Duck Tape tombstones

.The duct tape makes for an authentic look and it’s weatherproof! 

To complete, add names with a marker or black Duck Tape.* 

3. Festive Streamers 

Fold black and orange Duck Tape® over itself, sticky-side to sticky-side, to create streamers, and then string throughout rooms and doorways. 

4. Homemade Halloween Piñata 

Too late to get a piñata for your party? Never! 

Insert small candies into several balloons, blow them up and tie off the ends. Tape the balloons together using Duck Tape into whatever shape you choose. Hang the candy-filled balloon beast from the ceiling in an open area of your house or outdoors using twine.* 

5. Halloween Themed Drink Coasters 

Worried about the water rings left on your coffee table from bubbling mugs of bug juice? 

Create a sheet of Duck Tape fabric and cut out a glass-sized circle (or other spooky shape) to make Halloween-themed drink coasters. Cut a larger, matching fabric circle to place under the punch bowl to help catch spills and splatters. 

6. Hanging Bat Decor 

Check out our Ducktivity to create your own DIY Duck Tape bats to hang in your home. These can be as large or small as you like, or choose any color to fit your theme. 

7. DIY Costume 

Contest Encourage guests to arrive dressed in Duck Tape duds that fright or amuse, and offer fun prizes for the best and most unique costumes. Create wigs using strands of tape or make full costumes using cardboard or old clothes as a base. For family parties, check out this 

*Adapted with permission from The Original Duct Tape Halloween Book, by Jim and Tim, the Duct Tape Guys, published by Workman Publishing, New York, N.Y.,