Parents & Educators

We’re parents and educators.  But we’re about more than just classroom projects and rainy-day activities.  We’re in the business of making young minds.  We’re the leaders of future leaders.  And as parents and teachers, we’re in Maker-mode almost all the time.  We inspire budding architects.  We inspire ideas, and encourage self discovery and exploration.  We produce more than simple activities; we help create the next generation of Makers.


We’re not just about making; we’re about exploring.  We’re here to push the boundaries of science and imagination.  That’s what Tinkerers do.  We make quick robot repairs for the next round of the interschool competition.  We construct detailed models that give our “Cities of the Future” presentation just a bit more flash (or stability). We use versatile, low-tech tools as fuel, to help brilliant minds of all ages burn brighter.


For Creators, it’s about swimming against the tide.  We don’t follow trends; we set them.  We don’t think “outside the box”; we prefer to make our own box, thank you very much. What do we create?  You name it.  Costumes for a comic convention.  One-of-a-kind wallets.  Unique roses. We see a project and know the perfect place to add just the right touch of flair. And when you’re a Creator, you always make sure there’s just a little bit of you in every fold and stitch.