Spring is the perfect time of year to get rid of a winter’s worth of dust and grime. While cleaning is never the most glamorous task, it helps bring freshness into your home as well as create a healthy environment for you and your family. The following tips will help you start the season off right. 

1. Vacuum High and Low 

Remember that dust falls downward, so you’ll want to clean from the top of your room to the bottom. Vacuum the hard-to-reach spaces in your home, and make a list of areas to check off after you’ve completed each task. Some of those areas should include:

  • Carpets, rugs and floors under furniture
  • Lampshades
  • Mattresses
  • Couch cushions

2. Clean and Organize Shelves 

Dirt, dust and grime can easily build up on kitchen, bathroom and linen closet shelves. Perform these steps with each shelf where dust can collect.

  1. Empty out the shelf and wipe out dust and crumbs, paying special attention to hard-to-reach corners.
  2. Wipe the surface thoroughly with the appropriate cleaning solution and/or water and let it dry.
  3. Apply shelf liner before putting back your dishes, silverware, towels or toiletries. If you already use a non-adhesive liner, you can clean and disinfect it thoroughly in your washing machine (using cold water), before putting back on your shelf.

3. Deep Clean Your Tub or Shower 

It can be easy to find hard-to-reach mildew buildup in these constantly steamy environments. First remove all shampoo and conditioner bottles, soap and other bath products. Once the shower is completely empty, remember to wear protective gloves and use a good detergent and scrubber to remove any grime. Check the tops of showerheads, shower poles and any seams in your tub area that may be missed in regular cleaning. 

4. Deep Clean the Refrigerator and Freezer 

Some freezers will require defrosting every so often. Not only can ice buildup in freezers cause a loss in energy efficiency, but it can also make it harder to organize your frozen foods. If you’re unsure about how to defrost and properly clean your freezer, check with the manufacturer first. 

Next, empty your refrigerator as much as possible or shift contents from one shelf at a time before cleaning thoroughly with a disinfectant. It’s important that each surface is completely dry before replacing your items. 

Lastly, you’ll want to clean those hard-to-reach areas outside of your refrigerator, specifically the top, under the doors and the seals around the edge of the doors. 

By taking the time to do a thorough spring-cleaning, all the newness of springtime can be felt throughout the house.