You’ve done the shopping and running around. Now it’s time to pack up and prepare for the big dorm room move. So how do you make the process easier? Here are a few tips to make the move stress-free. 

Do the research 

Make sure to know the check-in times, locations and procedures for move-in day. It’s good to familiarize yourself with the schedule or any maps of the campus ahead of time. All colleges are different, but there usually are designated times to move in and/or orientation programs. If there is going to be a roommate, coordinate on what each one is bringing so there are no duplicates. 

Gather the essentials 

Pack the basics, like bed linens, towels, toiletries, basic school supplies and every-day necessities (phone chargers, laptops, etc.). Sort and organize your items, like clothing, by season or importance. You can always ship things later. Make a checklist ahead of time if it helps make the packing easier. 

Get the right tools 

EZ Start® Packaging Tape can be used to tape up boxes securely or secure TV or lamp cords, or you can choose Duck® Colored Packaging Tape, making it easy to color-code all your boxes so you know where it goes when you unpack. Make sure to pack smaller tools you also might need while unpacking or setting up furniture, like a screwdriver, measuring tape, hammer or Duck Tape®. Even a roll of paper towels and cleaning supplies come in handy when moving into a new dorm room. If you want to skip the nails, GeckoTech Reusable Hooks are great for hanging temporary décor when you get moved in and for when your child wants to rearrange later. 

Get the right boxes 

Whether you’re moving a TV or school supplies, it’s important to choose the right boxes to protect everything while on the move to the university and when moving everything in. Heavy Duty Kraft Boxes is designed for heavier items while Kraft Corrugate Boxes come in different sizes so you can move books or larger items. 

Protect what’s important 

Having a little piece of home is always important to bring to college. Wrap up picture frames, wall art, dishes or any fragile items that need an extra layer of protection with Bubble Wrap Cushioning. 

Be move-in ready

Moving day will be physically exhausting. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes, clothing and bring water and snacks so you can focus on unpacking efficiently, quickly and more relaxed.