Picture this: stress free holiday decoration.  Just let that phrase sink in for a minute.

Ahhhh …

Pretty nice, huh?  But here’s the best part: it’s not just an unachievable dream. 

Everyone’s annual holiday challenge is to find a way to hang up all manner of decorations.  But the tricky part of decking the halls is to leave those halls unblemished by nail marks and tape residue.  The result?  You’re usually snaking strings of lights around household items, or compromising by trying to put the smallest possible hole into drywall or your wooden fireplace mantle.

With GeckoTeck hooks you can deck the halls, un-deck the halls, and re-deck the halls, and even re-re-deck the halls again and again – with no damage and no residue. 

Here are five great ways that GeckoTech hooks can make your holiday decorating a joy to you and the world.

1. Indoor Wreaths (Yes, That’s a Thing)

Why should your guests and neighbors get the only view of a wreath.  After all, aside from the fact that holiday wreaths are a centuries-old tradition, they really crank the volume on your seasonal décor.  Hang them inside – on the back of the front door, on interior doors, on walls, pretty much anywhere you can imagine.  Have a super-sized wreath?  No problem: use the 5 lb. hook to hold it up.

2. Decorate More Places Than Ever

Why haven’t you decorated the tile backsplash in your kitchen?  Because until now, there’s been no easy way to do it.  

3. Mistletoe

Until now, not even the kisses were worth the hassle of trying to get a sprig of that stuff up over an entryway.  But GeckoTech makes that problem a thing of the past, so pucker up!

4. Those Darn Door and Window Lights

There’s nothing more welcoming than strings of festive holiday lights framing your front doors and windows.  Unfortunately, there are also few decorations that are more frustrating.  Secure lights around windows and doors a breeze and reposition them to get the right look. So instead of juggling a hammer and nails as your teetering on that ladder, you can just place the hooks, hang the lights and move on.  You’ll be sitting back sipping an egg nog in no time.

5. Finally, Stocking Hanging Can Be Devoid of Care

This time of year, when you think fireplace, you think stockings.  You also think, “How can I hang these things up without putting holes all over the wooden mantle.”

Now you can be sure no matter how many hooks you use, your fireplace – or any place you want to festoon with colorful socks – will remain hole free at the end of the holidays.