Whether you’re hiring professional movers or doing the move yourself, knowing what and how to pack will help you save time and money. Here are a few tips to keep you organized and help make the day more efficient and easy.

Start earlier

More time means you can be more organized and not rushed in the end. Avoid waiting until the last minute so you won’t throw all your things into a box.

One at a time

Pack room-by-room, break it up by days and leave the items you use often until last. This will help you stay organized when it comes to unpacking, too.

Get the right material

Investing in high-quality packing materials may be more expensive, but is worthwhile. Old or torn boxes could lead to broken valuables or damaged items. Whether it’s sturdy mailing tubes or heavy boxes choose the right shape and size that can fit a variety of household goods.

Keep the weight of the boxes reasonable

Sort through what you want to keep and get rid of the rest. Place the heaviest things on the bottom or in smaller boxes to make it easier to carry. Don’t overstuff your boxes.

Label as you pack

Marking what’s inside and not just the room in which it belongs will help the unpacking process. Color-code your boxes with packaging tape according to room and mark the rooms with the same color in your home to help movers. Consider labeling your boxes in numerical order so you know what to unpack first.

Give cushion to your belongings

Place a layer of cushioned paper or Bubble Wrap® cushioning on the bottom of the box with your valuables along with wrapping them appropriately with extra cushioning. Pack similar items together and in any empty space with box fill to avoid items shifting during a move.

Pack the essentials separate

Do not pack things you will need the day you move and your first few days in your new place. Pack an overnight bag with items you’ll want easy access, to like a change of clothes or toiletries. Pack things you’ll need during the move in a clear bin like paper towels, box cutters, trash bags, toilet paper, etc.  

Empty your drawers

Empty drawers that have breakables, things that might spill during a move or that would puncture or damage other valuable items or movers.

Two of a kind

If it has a pair, it belongs together. Items like curtain rod hangers or hardware items can be secured together so nothing gets lost during the transition from place to place.

If it doesn’t fit in a box

Not everything you have is going to fit into boxes. Furniture, major appliances, or other larger items can be wrapped with stretch wrap or furniture covers to avoid any dings or damages during a move.

Wrap it up

Wind electrical cords, extension cords and other items so they don’t dangle and become dangerous during the move.