Storage Redefined

Organization blogger Ursula from Home Made by Carmona shows you how to recycle and make storage boxes with a few materials around the house.

Here is what you need:

  • Duck® Kraft Box OR the Duck® Glass Kit Box for storage with built-in dividers.
  • White Marble Peel & Stick Laminate
  • Duck® Dry Erase Tape OR Duck® Chalkboard Tape (optional)
  • Rope for handles, grommets (optional)

Step 1. Cut off the top flaps of the box.

Step 2. You will be adhering the laminate in one long sheet, wrapping it around the sides (basically you are wrapping a very fancy gift!).

Start by laying the box on its side, peel back some of the protective sheet and stick the laminate on the first edge of the box. Make sure you line it up with the side of the box so that it overlaps on the top opening and the bottom equally on both sides.

Step 3. Now that a piece of the laminate is adhered to the first edge, hold the roll in one hand unfurling a little at a time. Pull back the protective sheet from the underside, little by little and smooth out. Press the laminate in place starting from the middle outward to ensure there are no pockets of air. Do this until the first side of the box is completely covered.

Step 4. Turn the box so that the second side shows and continue unfurling the laminate and adhering to the box. Do this until all four sides are covered. Once you reach the beginning, trim the excess.

Step 5. Next you will cut slits on the overhang pieces at the four corners. Do this for the top and the bottom, cutting all the way to the box. Fold down the four flaps on the top inward, then on the bottom.

Optional: To cover the inside of the box as well, start by cutting the laminate to the exact height of the box before "wrapping".

If you used the glass kit box, insert the dividers after the box has been fully "wrapped". Tip: Want these inserts in a different color? Lightly spray paint them! Let it dry fully before inserting.

Making Rope Handles: Punch two holes using grommets and a grommet tool. This will not only help punch the hole, but reinforce the holes so they last and can take weight. Tie one end of the rope and feed it through the hole from inside the box. Feed it through the second hole from front to back, and tie off a knot to hold it in place. Cut the excess rope.

Making Erasable Labels: Cut out rectangles or shape of choice from the Duck® brand Dry Erase Tape or Duck® Chalkboard Tape adhere to the front just under the handles. These handy dandy labels are easily erased when swapping stored items.