Step 1

Make two Duck Tape® fabric pieces, one 10 in. long and the other 8 in. long. 


Step 2

Wrap the top of the smaller fabric with tape. 


Step 3

Attach the 2 pieces of fabric together to form your pocket. 


Step 4

Cut out a piece of fabric that is 3.5 in. long and 4 in. wide. This is your phone pocket. 


Step 5

Cut four 1.5 in. strip of tape and two 2 in. long elastic bands. 


Step 6

Place a strip of tape on either side of your elastic band, with a little band showing in the middle. This is your headphone strap. 


Step 7

Draw and cut out your eyes. 


Step 8

Draw and cut out your nose. 


Step 9

With your eyes from step 7 as a guide, cut out the outline for your eyes and tongue. 


Step 10

Fold a sheet in half and cut out the shadows for your face so they are symmetrical. 


Step 11

Cut out your animal face. 


Step 12

Start assembling the animal face. 


Step 13

Flip over the face and cover three fourths of the way up. 


Step 14

Attach the face to the higher side of the pocket using a sheet, making sure the sheet covers past the top of the ears. Trim off excess. 


Step 15

Take your phone pocket from step 4 and trim the top edge.


Step 16

Tape your headphone strap to your phone pocket and make a border around the other edges. 


Step 17

Attach your phone pocket to your piece from step 14. 

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