Tinkerers are about exploring. We push the boundaries of science and imagination. And we use versatile low-tech tools as fuel, to help brilliant minds of all ages burn brighter.

Making of Duct Tape Robot

Behold! The birth of FIXX-IT! A mighty robot created by a cosplayer and made entirely from duct tape and creativity.

Making a Geodesic Dome with a Duct Tape Engineer

Watch this video to see how one engineer inspires young minds with his incredible Duck Tape creations.

The Lady Cans: A Robotics Team

The Lady Cans tackle all kinds of engineering challenges. Read more about this inspiring all-girls robotics team.

Project Ideas

Find more innovative ways to use duct tape with these project how-tos.

Repairing an Airplane Wing

Check out how duct tape and innovation combine in this video.

Designing and Repairing a Robot

How a robot was built and repaired with duct tape and a little bit of engineering.

How strong is Duck Tape®

How many cases of Duck Tape® can a single roll of Duck Tape® support? Let's find out.


Wondering what it means to be a #DuckTapeMaker? See what the maker community has been dreaming up and share with us what you've created.

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