• blue-clean-release-painters-tape

    Clean Release® Painter's Tape

    Perfect for a variety of surfaces, this painter’s tape features a strong adhesion while preventing paint bleed for professional results.

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  • beige-professional-painters-tape

    Professional Painter’s Tape

    Featuring a strong adhesive and clean removal, this painter’s tape helps prevent paint bleed on hard, durable surfaces like glass, wood and tile.

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  • beige-general-purpose-masking-tape

    General Purpose Masking Tape

    This all-purpose tape is designed for heavy-duty applications, making it great for bundling, holding down a tarp or even decorating for a party.

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  • red-masking-tape

    Color Masking Tape

    Easy to tear and write on, this masking tape comes in a variety of colors so you can easily craft, color-code and label in your home or office.

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  • clear-pre-taped-drop-cloth

    Extra Strong Pre-Taped Dropcloth

    Featuring a pre-taped edge, this dropcloth keeps surfaces clean whether you’re painting, sanding or in high traffic construction sites.

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  • white-freezer-tape

    Freezer Tape

    This DIY tape is perfect for securing, wrapping and sealing your frozen goods while making labeling and organizing your freezer easy.

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