• outdoor-duck-tape

    Outdoor Duck Tape®

    This duct tape protects your outdoor fixes through wide range of temperatures and humidity, allowing for long-lasting and durable repairs.

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  • No Residue Duck Tape®

    Made for waterproofing repairs or DIY projects, this duct tape is a quick solution for everyday fixes, like holding, sealing and bundling.

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  • Duck Tape® for Boxes

    Specifically formulated to seal and protect, this duct tape offers a long-lasting hold on all large, overstuffed cardboard boxes.

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  • Double Sided Duck Tape®

    With premium adhesive on both sides, this easy-to-apply duct tape is the go-to solution for your mounting, holding and seaming applications.

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  • clear-duck-tape

    Clear Duck Tape®

    Offering a discreet solution to everyday repairs, this clear duct tape is perfect for laminating and protecting your DIY or craft project.

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  • silver-extra-wide-duck-tape

    Extra Wide Duck Tape®

    Providing better coverage when protecting, supporting, holding or sealing your DIY or repair project, this duct tape gets more done with less.

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