Duck® brand offers all-in-one solutions and accessories to make your next move easier and your property more secure. View All (6) MOVING KITS & SUPPLIES

  • Moving Kit

    This all-in-one solution includes all the moving must-haves so you can customize your packing needs easily and efficiently.

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  • dish-kit

    Dish Kit

    Featuring reusable foam pouches and corrugate dividers to keep dishware safe, this kits includes all you need for moving your valuables.

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  • Glass Kit

    Featuring reusable foam pouches and corrugate dividers to keep dishware safe, this kits includes all you need for moving your valuables.

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  • white-foam-cushioning

    Foam Cushioning

    Foam Cushioning

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  • foam-pouches

    Foam Pouches

    These compact pouches keep vulnerable surfaces covered and protected when you’re on the move or storing away valuables.

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  • blue-moving-blanket

    Moving Blanket

    This blanket is designed with cushioned quilts for the most protection against nicks and scratches that happen to your furniture during a move.

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Whether on the move or headed to storage, help protect your furniture and mattresses from scuffs, dirt and damage with durable, dependable moving covers from Duck® brand. View All (3) FURNITURE & MATTRESS COVERS

  • Queen/King Bed Mattress Cover

    These covers fit queen or king sizes to protect your mattress from dust, soil and stains while moving or in storage.

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  • twin-full-mattress-cover

    Twin/Full Bed Mattress Cover

    These covers fit twin or full sizes to protect your mattress from dust, soil and stains while moving or in storage.

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  • large-sofa-cover

    Large Sofa Cover

    These heavy, clear plastic covers help protect your sofa during a move or while in storage.

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Keep your fragile shipments protected with Bubble Wrap® Cushioning Products. Offering different size bubbles, self-cling cushioning and even color wrap, you have everything you need to ship with confidence. View All (5) BUBBLE WRAP® CUSHIONING

  • original-bubble-wrap

    Original Bubble Wrap® Cushioning

    When moving, storing or mailing your valuables, this bubble cushioning provides consistent cushioning and protection so your items don’t get damaged.

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  • red-bubble-wrap

    Color Bubble Wrap® Cushioning

    This vibrant bubble cushioning offers long-lasting protection and cushioning to your valuables while adding a pop of color to your package.

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  • large-bubble-wrap

    Large Bubble Wrap® Cushioning

    Featuring a bigger bubble for extra protection, this bubble cushioning is the perfect pick for wrapping up heavy or more fragile items.

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  • self-cling-bubble-wrap

    Self-Cling Bubble Wrap® Cushioning

    Ideal for packaging small parts that need to stay put, this bubble cushioning sticks only to itself so your items stay wrapped, no tape required.

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  • shock-shield-bubble-wrap

    Shock Shield®

    Featuring pop-resistant bubbles, this cushioning adds an extra layer of protection for when your valuables are on the move or in the mail.

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Featuring a long-lasting and durable adhesive, these packaging tapes are easy to use and keep your boxes secure whether on the move or stored away. View All (7) PACKAGING TAPES

  • hp260-packaging-tape

    HP260™ High Performance Packaging Tape

    This crystal clear, high performance tape features a strong, durable adhesive that’s tear-and break-resistant for long-lasting hold on boxes.

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  • Duck® MAX Strength Packaging Tape

    A premium packaging tape for your heavy-duty shipping, moving and storage needs, this durable tape is 30x stronger than acrylic tapes.

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  • clear-ez-start-packaging-tape

    EZ Start® Packaging Tape

    Featuring a long-lasting adhesive, this tape unrolls smoothly and quietly while keeping your boxes and packages secure in the mail or storage.

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  • HD Clear™ Heavy Duty Packaging Tape

    This clear packaging tape is designed with a long-lasting adhesive that keeps your boxes and packages secure during shipping, moving and storage.

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  • one-handed-ez-start-packaging-tape

    One-Handed EZ Start® Packaging Tape

    Featuring an easy-to-use dispenser, you can use one hand to tape up your boxes or packages securely and quietly.

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  • yellow-color-coding-tape

    Color Coding Packaging Tape

    Available in a variety of colors, this packaging tape is perfect for labeling boxes by room or item, making unpacking easy and efficient.

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  • standard-packaging-tape

    Standard Grade Packaging Tape

    An easy and affordable solution for your lightweight shipping, moving and storage needs, this tape rolls on your boxes clear and easy.

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Skip the frustration and tape up your packages easier and quicker. Designed for heavy-packaging tape users, this variety of dispensers are designed to ensure that your tape goes on smoothly and effectively. View All (3) PACKAGING TAPE DISPENSERS

  • bladesafe-tape-dispensers

    BladeSafe® Tape Dispenser

    Designed for heavy-packaging tape users, this frustration-free tape dispenser offers protection and comfort while taping up your boxes.

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  • foam-handle-tape-dispensers

    Foam Handle Tape Dispenser

    Designed with a comfortable foam grip handle, this dispenser makes moving, shipping and storing boxes easier and more efficient.

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  • Duck® Brand Standard Tape Dispenser

    Standard Tape Dispenser

    This tape dispenser features an adjustable tension control knob that makes it easy to apply your tape onto the box without any frustration.

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From self-locking to heavy duty boxes, Duck® brand offers the size, strength and special features your shipping and mailing needs. View All (5) BOXES

  • heavy-duty-kraft-box

    Heavy Duty Kraft Boxes

    Reinforced with double-wall construction for added strength and durability, these boxes are perfect for packing up your kitchen or garage items.

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  • brown-kraft-box

    Kraft Boxes

    Made with recycled content, these sturdy and cost-effective boxes are perfect for storing or shipping books, catalogs and even larger items.

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  • Self-Locking Boxes

    Easy to assemble thanks to self-locking tabs, these boxes come in all white for a clean, professional look.

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  • eco-friendly-recycled-box

    Caremail® Boxes

    Featuring a durable, single-wall construction, these recyclable boxes are perfect for protecting your items while on the move.

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  • Furniture Sliders

    These sliders are designed specifically to move or adjust furniture without any damage to your floors.

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  • Moving Band

    These heavy-duty bands fit perfect around dressers, tables and furniture so you can make moving easier and quicker.

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  • Stretch Wrap

    This easy-to-use wrap is perfect for storage or shipping and it sticks to itself without leaving any messy residue when it’s time to unpack.

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