• hp260-packaging-tape

    HP260™ High Performance Packaging Tape

    This crystal clear, high performance tape features a strong, durable adhesive that’s tear-and break-resistant for long-lasting hold on boxes.

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  • Duck® MAX Strength Packaging Tape

    A premium packaging tape for your heavy-duty shipping, moving and storage needs, this durable tape is 30x stronger than acrylic tapes.

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  • clear-ez-start-packaging-tape

    EZ Start® Packaging Tape

    Featuring a long-lasting adhesive, this tape unrolls smoothly and quietly while keeping your boxes and packages secure in the mail or storage.

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  • clear-hd-clear-packaging-tape

    HD Clear™ Heavy Duty Packaging Tape

    This clear packaging tape is designed with a long-lasting adhesive that keeps your boxes and packages secure during shipping, moving and storage.

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  • one-handed-ez-start-packaging-tape

    One-Handed EZ Start® Packaging Tape

    Featuring an easy-to-use dispenser, you can use one hand to tape up your boxes or packages securely and quietly.

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  • yellow-color-coding-tape

    Color Coding Packaging Tape

    Available in a variety of colors, this packaging tape is perfect for labeling boxes by room or item, making unpacking easy and efficient.

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  • standard-packaging-tape

    Standard Grade Packaging Tape

    An easy and affordable solution for your lightweight shipping, moving and storage needs, this tape rolls on your boxes clear and easy.

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