Step 1

Cover your straw or dowel rod in Duck Tape®.


Step 2

Make 20 squares that are 1 in. by 1 in. and fold them into the rose petal shapes. Attach this to your covered dowel rod or straw to form a mini rose.


Step 3

Cut eight 5 in. strips of tape.


Step 4

Cut eight 3 in. pieces of wire.


Step 5

Starting at one end, align the wire in the middle of your piece of tape. Repeat this step seven more times.


Step 6

Fold over the opposite end towards the bottom of the strip, leaving some adhesive and wire exposed. Repeat this seven more times.


Step 7

Cut out your petal shape.


Step 8

Start adding your petals around your mini rose flower. Continue until all eight petals are on. Add a piece of tape at the base of the petals to reinforce the petals onto the straw.<br />

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