Step 1

Cover a core in Duck Tape and, after poking 2 holes into the center with your thumb tack, string a piece of wire through the holes. This is the brim.


Step 2

Make a piece of Duck Tape fabric that is 3 in. x 3 in.


Step 3

Trace the inside of a core on the fabric and cut it out. This is the top of your hat.


Step 4

Attach the brim and top to the Duck Tape core.


Step 5

With small pieces of tape, attach all 3 pieces together, starting with the brim.


Step 6

Continue until the entire hat is covered with Duck Tape.


Step 7

Trace and cut out glitter stars.


Step 8

Attach them to the hat.


Step 9

Using the wire, attach your hat to the top of your headband. Reinforce it with tape over the wire.

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