• MAX Strength Duck Tape®

    Great for hanging sheets, sealing, bundling and waterproofing, this duct tape protects your surfaces while giving you long-lasting repairs.

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  • silver-advanced-strength-duck-tape

    Advanced Strength Duck Tape®

    For indoor and outdoor use, this duct tape combines excellent holding power and shear strength with easy-to-tear application for quick repairs.

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  • All Purpose Duck Tape®

    With extra-strength adhesion, this duct tape is the all around tool for temporary repairs and quick fixes around the house, garden or garage.

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  • silver-original-strength-duck-tape

    Original Strength Duck Tape®

    With its wide variety of uses around the home, Original Strength Duck Tape® is the perfect tape to have on hand.

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  • silver-basic-strength-duck-tape

    Basic Strength Duck Tape®

    Featuring great strength and conformability, this duct tape is perfect to have on hand for general repairs and DIY projects.

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